Sublimation on ceramics involves transferring ink from a printed image directly to the surface of a specially prepared mug. The artwork is printed onto coated transfer paper and then transferred to the product using a heat press machine. Sublimation is also used to print on items made of polyester, such as a mouse pads, white umbrellas, sports bags or eyeglasses cleaning cloths. Digital printers are based on the CMYK colour mode, therefore PANTONE, HKS, RGB and other colours will be converted automatically to the CMYK palette, which may cause minor differences in colours that are beyond our control. We recommend to clean products with sublimation print by hand. Sublimation is an extremely fast printing method. Using the latest technology, we are able to fulfill large orders in just a few days! Also, sublimation full-colour prints make the advertising products look really attractive.


  • SU (sublimation)

Full colour prints

thanks to sublimation it is possible to create prints with vivid, rich colours and to get almost photographic precision and quality.


sublimation transfer printing is a low-volume method, cost-effective even in case of small-volume orders. 


orders are completed in a very short time, and the machine set up price is low.

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