Pad printing

Pad printing is a process where a permanent print ink is applied to a labelled advertising product with a smooth pad called a tampo. A dedicated machine (pad printer) and a printing plate, that is a metal plate with an engraved or etched image, are also used.

Pad printing advantages:
- Versatility - use of tampos in various shapes enables to label uneven and irregular surfaces
- Wide use - with a proper ink choice we can print on many surfaces, e.g.: on plastics, glass, metal and wood
- Time - due to a simplicity of pad printing it is possible to label a vast quantity of advertising products in short time
- Accuracy and precision - pad printing is perfect for labelling small products e.g.: pens, pendants, rulers as logotypes in spite of small sizes remain very accurate and clear
- Price - low price of pad printing makes it a popular method for labelling used for low and high volume production


Labelling group symbols: T1, T2, T3, T4

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