Photographic quality of the print is now possible thanks to DTF prining. Direct To Film is an innovative printing method that involves printing the design onto PET foil. Next, at high temperature, the print is covered with a special powder and then – using a heat press – it is transferred to the final substrate. The result is high-quality prints resistant to external factors. They do not get damaged during washing, and good permeability allows the fabric to breathe in the place of printing. DTF printing enables printing in a full range of colours and with smooth tonal transitions. This makes it a perfect solution for those who care about precision and a high level of detail in their projects.


  • DTF1 (direct to film do 50 cm2)

  • DTF2 (direct to film 51-200 cm2)

  • DTF3 (direct to film 201-500 cm2)


Full color

DTF printing enables full colour designs using the full range of colours and tonal transitions.

Low price

no costs of machinery set up.


great possibilities in terms of design.

Fast order completion

this is a fast and quick printing method.

Small quantity

the print can be made on just 1 piece of the product.

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