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Promotional gits – it’s Easy!  

We offer the most interesting selection of promotional gifts and free sales support tools for advertising agencies - check out what you can gain!

Do you work for an advertising agency? Are you looking for a promotional merchandise supplier who will not only comprehensively fulfill your orders but also provide support in your daily work? Get to know us! We are one of the largest importers of advertising gifts in Poland. We cooperate only with advertising agencies and intermediaries, which enables us to provide the highest quality services throughout the entire order fulfillment process. Our in-house print house and a team of experts allow us to ensure express customization of promotional items. We have a creative approach to printing, and it is precisely this approach that we want to share with our clients.



To make your job as Easy as possible!

Our mission is not only to provide the best promo gifts but above all to support advertising agencies in their daily work.

If you handle orders from end customers, you're in luck! We have a whole package of sales support tools for you, such as newsletters and landing pages, as well as modern online solutions. For example, you can set up your own free online shop with us. Just register with us to access a wide range of possibilities.


So much more than promo gifts! 

High-quality, useful, and eye-catching. Promotional items that leave a lasting impression. This is the concept behind what we do.

This is why in our offer we present the most intriguing selection of stylish promotional items, in line with current trends. Moreover, we provide prints that express the individual character of the promoted company. High-quality order fulfillment is an absolute priority for us!



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Shop no-name or product catalog

Shop no-name or product catalog

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Make an offer

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Price list update

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