Laser engraving is a labelling method which uses a laser beam. This omputer operated method allows for a precise removal of material from an engraved object. We have YAG and CO2 lasers which engrave on the following materials: metal, wood, glass, leather, cardboard, plastics, engraving laminates and stamp rubber.

Laser engraving advantages:
- Precision - possibility to engrave very complicated logotypes
- Repeatability of logotypes - the same identical logotype on the whole batch of products
- Wear-resistance
- Cleanliness of production - no direct contact with engraved product
- Time - high efficiency of lasers in short time
- Labelling surface - possibility to engrave very small and very big objects - up to 432 x 726 mm 


Labelling group symbols: L0, L1, L2, L3, L1USB, L2USB.

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