The highest quality pocket knives, business and travel gear, as well as gadgets for mobile devices, are just part of the unique Wenger offer. From the very beginning of its existence, the founders of the company focused on innovation and precision of production, which contributed to the success of the brand, coming from the users’ satisfaction and trust in the name Wenger.

• Reliability – all Wenger products are made with the utmost precision so that you can always trust them and use them with full satisfaction for a really long time. Great majority of Wenger products are thus covered by the manufacturer's warranty
• Great designs – a range of innovative and very practical solutions, such as adjustable straps, spine support elements, metal bearings and safety closures, make the Wenger products ultimately user-friendly and easy-to-use
• Swiss quality – Wenger means are great quality products at reasonable prices, so that they are available to people with high demands but not at high prices.

In 2018, the Swiss brand Wenger celebrated its 125th anniversary, which proves its high position on the market. Initially, the company was engaged in the production of pocket knives and professional kitchen knives, and one of the most recognizable gadgets produced under this brand was the Swiss officer's knife. Over time, great quality watches and also ultimately functional and solid backpacks, bags, briefcases, and suitcases joined the company’s portfolio. Currently, the Wenger brand is part of the world-known manufacturer of knives and pocket knives – Victorinox.

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