Vanilla Season

Vanilla Season is a collection of tasteful and ingenious products that are elements of interior decor and at the same time household helpers. Gadgets of this brand will be appreciated by customers who like to stay at home, surrounded by beautiful objects, and enjoy experiments in the kitchen.


  • Quality is the key! – Vanilla Season emerged from Schwarzwolf, a brand that prides itself on the excellent quality of its products. In both cases, we are dealing with high-quality materials from which all the products are made. Vanilla Season soft blankets, durable glass or stainless steel knives will serve their owners for years.
  • Packaging matters – it might seem that the most important thing is the content of the Vanilla Season boxes. However, we repeat after their producer that the packaging is also extremely important! First of all, the use of strong cardboard is an ecological solution, but it also provides protection for transported gadgets. Few people know that the boxes for holding glasses were specially designed and underwent a series of trials leading to a successful end – safe transport of glass vessels.
  • Functional solutions –  can be taken for granted in case of this brand. Already at the stage of designing the articles, every effort is made to use 100% of their potential. A great example of this is the cooling insert for beer. Inconspicuous tube, which after cooling in the freezer is placed in a bottle of beer, makes the drink stay cold for longer. It also has the opener function, and protects the bottle against uninvited insects getting inside!.

This interesting brand is relatively young on the market, but the experience of Schwarzwolf, from which it derives, allows us to expect equally original and excellent products in terms of quality, as well as comfort of use.

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