Emanuel Ungaro was born in France to Italian parents. He spent his teenage years surrounded by art and classical music, which helped shape his great sense of aesthetics and ways of expression. His designs are a reflection of adoration of harmony, with special attention given to colours and original accessories. Today, we can choose from a range of accessories bearing the Ungaro logo, all of which reflect the character and preferences of their creator. We offer you a collection of fantastic gadgets, such as ball pens, fountain pens, notebooks, travel bags, suitcases, electronics and watches.

• Freedom is highly valued by the founder of the Ungaro brand. To this day, one can easily see this in the  designs of his clothes, comfortable cuts and vivid colours,

• Quality is an important element for Ungaro creators who appreciate also the beauty of art and French chic. Accessories produced under the brand name are made with great care and attention to detail.
• Gift sets - placed in elegant packaging, carefully selected matching products are a dream gift for women who want to emphasize their individual style and class.

The first Ungaro salon was opened in Paris in 1965. From the beginning, Emanuel Ungaro promoted feminine beauty, enclosed in classic and simple forms, but with characteristic to him and not-so-obvious twists to textures and colours. Today, remarkable Ungaro fragrances, unusual clothes and excellent accessories are valued all over the world.

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