On land, under water, and even ... in space! Stanley thermoses have long been accompanying active people in pursuing their passion. Thanks to their reliability and great quality, they work well under all conditions.


• QuadVac™ technology – means 4 thermo insulating layers for even better efficiency

• Effectiveness and efficiency – thanks to vacuum insulation, Stanley thermoses maintain the temperature for a long time

• Producer’s lifetime warranty – is a proof the Stanley products are reliable and durable

• 100 % leak-proof – so that you can be sure not a drop is spilled

• Resistance to falls and external damage –  gives the users certainty in all conditions

• High quality stainless steel and BPA free plastic - these are unique user-friendly materials

Stanley products have been on the market for over 100 years! In 1913 in Seattle, William Stanley Junior created a prototype container with a steel insert that kept the temperature of the beverage poured into it for longer. This idea worked so well that it was introduced to constant production, and Stanley is still a leader in the sale of classic thermos and dinner thermoses.

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