Silicon Power

Silicon Power is leading producer of memory cards, external drives and USB drives. For some time now, the company has also been renowned for its power banks offer, whose quality and functionality perfectly combines with aesthetic look. In today's world, we use  a huge number of digital documents every day and in part we are their creators, too. Therefore, the need to safely process and store this type of information is self-evident. The philosophy of Silicon Power combines strict protection of the most valuable data with  maintaining the convenience of use and great design of products.

Specialization - Silicon Power manufactures articles from a narrow field of electronics, thanks to which it can focus on development of technologies in the field of data storage and sources external energy sources for mobile devices. The brand continuously improves its products in order to offer us better and better equipment at competitive prices

Market recognition - is an important feature since it shows how much the company has achieved. Silicon Power is a brand well familiar to consumers, including IT professionals, professional gamers and web developers

High quality and reliability of Silicon Power products is an extremely important factor. Silicon Power products are used to store important and sensitive data, and customers appreciate their solidity. No wonder the products of this brand receive very good feedback from its users.

Large selection and attractive design of Silicon Power products appeals to thousands of users wordwide.

​​The brand has been present on the market since 2003 and since then has done a lot to deserve the name of its leader. Innovative solutions and excellent technical parameters are the basis for the success of the company's products.

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