If one could describe the philosophy of the Schwarzwolf with one word, it would be “outdoor”. The products of this brand are well-thought and extremely practical items of equipment for every lover of short and long trips. The combination of fashionable design and excellent quality means that you can rely on Schwarzwolf products. Therefore, they are must-haves for active people who go to explore various corners of the world. Famous multitools, backpacks, and clothing as well as travel gadgets have ensured the safety and convenience of people traveling with them for many years.

Modern materials – means Schwarzwolf  uses technologically in the production porcess. Waterproof fabrics, durable materials and reliable protective systems are used in clothing, multitools, backpacks and bags, guaranteeing full satisfaction of their users.

Adapting to circumstances - the wide range of products makes it possible to find in the Schwarzwolf offer accessories suitable for most outdoor occasions. Fans of hiking, cycling, climbing, camping and extreme sports will certainly find products perfectly suited to their needs.

Convenience - all items bearing the name Schwarzwolf have been designed in such a way as to provide their users with the maximum convenience needed when undertaking demanding activities. Tools were designed with attention to safety, easy access to many functions and reliability. Creators of Schwarzwolf bags and backpacks considered it important to make them as light as possible, containing as many useful pockets and compartments as possible and that they had spinal support system. The manufacturer's full concern for its users is now reflected in the quality of all proposed Schwarzwolf products.

The Schwarzwolf brand is relatively young because it was founded in 1999, but thanks to its innovative projects and uncompromising approach to safety, it quickly gained a constantly growing group of loyal buyers around the world. 

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