JBL is a brand associated with some of the best audio systems and electroacoustic devices in the world. Currently, the most characteristic products of the brand are all kinds of speakers - from the smallest, portable ones, to large, professional loudspeakers, playing at the biggest music events. One thing, however, they have in common, is excellent sound. Regardless of the size of the product, users can expect the highest quality sounds in a form they find most suitable.

The founder of JBL was James Bullough Lansing, and the brand’s name is the abbreviation of his initials. In 1928 he was invited to participate in creating the world's first film
with sound. Since then, a lot has changed, but what's interesting - today more than half of the cinemas on our planet use JBL speakers. A dozen or so years later, this young engineer started his own company, producing sound systems for home use. Then came the time to create legendary hi-fi speakers and speakers used in music and recording studios. Over the years, JBL has developed increasingly advanced technologies to finally offer mobile solutions. That's how headphones were made, and extremely popular wireless speakers that work well both at home and in the outdoors.
• Small size, great sound – one can be sure that despite their compact size, JBL portable speakers provide the highest standard stereo sound
• Solid housing - durable materials used in the production of loudspeakers ensure safety and comfort of use in all conditions
• Innovation - surprising solutions that increase the comfort when using JBL products - for example, waterproof speakers allow you to enjoy your favourite music during lake parties or while relaxing at the pool
• Modern design - lush colors and a modern form of speakers and headphones, combined with their practical functions, means they are stylish and fashionable accessories.

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