Cerruti 1881

Cerruti 1881 is a brand with a wide and varied selection of products – all of them stylish, made of high quality materials, tastefully designed. We would like to offer you luxurious pens and notebooks, folders, suitcases, wallets and other accessories, which combine Italian tradition with contemporary fashion.

• Classic but modern – products with the Cerruti 1881 logo have been designed with attention to detail and quality. Dark, low-key colours referring to business style fit perfectly for formal situations. However, decorative elements and interesting additions show that whoever wears them, is a true fashion expert

• Great selection – like many top brands, also Cerruti 1881 was at its beginnings associated with the fashion sphere, gradually developing its offer to include other products. Today, in addition to the collection of clothes for women and men, in the portfolio of Cerruti 1881 we can find elegant perfumes, tasteful watches, chic sunglasses and a series of accessories, all in the same flawless style, which are perfect as luxury gifts for companies and customers.
• Gift sets – as always, we offer you creative gift sets containing items from the collection of the brand, arranged to fit perfectly together. Buying a Cerruti 1881 set, you can expect classic, business-like colours, luxury accessories and decorative packaging. A great idea for gifts for official occasions.

As the name suggests, the first weaving workshop of the Italian Cerruti family was created in 1881 and over the years it developed dynamically to achieve great success in a short time. A breakthrough in the brand's history was the launch of a ready-to-wear collection of clothes for men, which was quite a bold step at a time when the fashionable clothing was tailor-made. Over time, the collection expanded to incorporate garments for women, followed by perfumes and accessories.

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