Beautiful, colorful and extremely practical Aladdin products have been helping their users enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle for years. A perfectly chilled drink during gym classes, hot coffee on the way to work, or fresh and home-made take-away meals - all this is possible thanks to the containers and thermal cups from Aladdin's extensive offer.

• Unique design – interesting shapes and characteristic forms make using Aladdin products a pure pleasure to use

• Dishwasher safe – the possibility of washing containers in the dishwasher is a convenience for active and busy people

• Leak-proof - special gaskets and closure systems were developed to keep the contents of mugs and bottles safe without a drop spilled

• Interesting solutions – some products have extra features such as ice container, water consumption measure or tea infuser 

• Sustainability – means users can be sure Aladdin company cares about the environment

• Quality materials – components used for production of Aladdin mugs, bottles and containers are certified and BPA free  

At the beginning, the Aladdin company used to sell... lamps! Yes, the association with the Aladdin lamp is just the right one! However, already in the 1940s, the company produced its first metal lunchboxes and became the leader in the sale of this type of products for the next 30 years. Over time, thermal mugs and bottles for beverages were also included in the offer, thus creating a collection of products not only functional, but also extremely appealing.

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